Hazardous & Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Service

We never plan to make a call for emergency tree service but when a tree has fallen on your Lansing, MI property, you need to have it removed as soon as possible. Fallen trees can block your driveway, cause structural damage to your home or business and could include downed power lines. With Michigan's high winds, winter and ice storms, fallen limbs or the whole tree which can affect the safety of your home, business and your family.

Two Rivers Tree Service doesn't take our Emergency Tree Service lightly. We will respond promptly to your needs to prevent further problems. Call Two Rivers Tree Service as soon as possible to help prevent any more damage to your Lansing, MI property.

Some tree problems can prevent the need for emergency tree service.

With preventive maintenance and tree pruning, you can help prevent limbs from falling on your home and power lines. When we come out if we see dead or leaning trees, we may recommend pruning or tree removal for your safety in the future.

When should you call us for emergency tree services?

When you need emergency tree services in the Lansing, MI area, call the pros at Two Rivers Tree Service. You should reach out to us ASAP if you're dealing with:

  • A fallen tree in your yard
  • A fallen tree that is blocking your driveway
  • A tree that is leaning too close to your home
  • Trees that are covered in deep cracks
Don't put off the professional tree services you need. Contact us today at 517-512-1842. We'll get to you quickly and provide you with peace of mind.